CP 130 (-LS)

CP 130 (-LS)

Concept Patio 130 (-Lift Slide)

Aesthetic functionality

Concept Patio® 130 is a highly insulated slide and lift-slide system, which meets the highest requirements with regard to insulation, stability and safety. The system perfectly links up to the CS 77 series.

CP 130 is available with various opening possibilities and the low threshold option offers a solution to improve the buildings accessibility. A special corner solution makes it possible to open up spaces without any fixed corner element, creating a perfect and clear continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This makes CP 130 ideal for rooms with a view.
This robust system allows the construction of large and stable sliding windows and doors with a vent weight up to 300 kg. It also offers an aesthetical slimline middle section. Additionally, CP 130 can comply with burglar resistance class 2, offering a safe and secure solution. 

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Tehničke informacije


Min. vidljiva širina T-profila76 mm 
Vidljiva širina sastava69 mm 
Vidljiva širina sastava za 4 vrata194 mm 
Maks. visina ventilacionog otvora2700 mm 
Maks. širina ventilacionog otvora2600 mm 
Maks. težina elementa300 kg 
Dubina ventilacionog otvora celokupnog sistema59 mm 
Visina popusta25 mm 
Min. debljina stakla4 mm 
Maks. debljina stakla43 mm 
Metoda zastakljivanjaDry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones  
Toplotna barijeraFibreglass reinforced polyamide strips  
Vidljiva visina ventilacionog otvora94 mm 
Vidljiva visina sastava69 / 98 mm 
Visdljiva visina sastava 4 vrata194 mm 


Ispitivanje maks. nepropusnosti vazduha pod pritiskom4 (600 Pa)
VodonepropusnostE750 (750 Pa)
Otpornost na opterećenje vetromC4 (1600 Pa)
Akustična efikasnostRw (C; Ctr) = 35 (-1;-3) dB / 37 (0;-2) dB, depending on glazing type dB
Zaštita od provaleRC 2/WK 2
Toplotna izolacija (Uf)2,35 W/m²K

Elementi za otvaranje

  • 2-rail OXXO (OXXO) slide2-rail OXXO (OXXO) slide
  • 2-rail QXQ (QXQ) slide2-rail QXQ (QXQ) slide
  • 2-rail QXXQ (QXXQ) slide2-rail QXXQ (QXXQ) slide
  • 2-rail XO (XO) slide2-rail XO (XO) slide
  • 2-rail XQ (XQ) slide2-rail XQ (XQ) slide
  • 2-rail XQX (XQX) slide2-rail XQX (XQX) slide
  • 2-rail XX (XX) lift&slide2-rail XX (XX) lift&slide
  • 3-rail XXO (XXO) slide3-rail XXO (XXO) slide
  • 3-rail XXX (XXX) lift&slide3-rail XXX (XXX) lift&slide
  • 2-rail XXXX (XXXX) lift&slide2-rail XXXX (XXXX) lift&slide
  • Monorail XQ (monorail XQ) slideMonorail XQ (monorail XQ) slide
  • Monorail XQX (monorail XQX) slideMonorail XQX (monorail XQX) slide
  • Monorail QXXQ (monorail QXXQ) slideMonorail QXXQ (monorail QXXQ) slide
  • Monorail QXQ (monorail QXQ) SlideMonorail QXQ (monorail QXQ) Slide
  • 2-rail XXVXX (2-rail XXVXX) Lift&Slide2-rail XXVXX (2-rail XXVXX) Lift&Slide
  • 2-rail QXVXQ (2-rail QXVXQ) Lift&Slide2-rail QXVXQ (2-rail QXVXQ) Lift&Slide
  • 3-rail XXQ (3-rail XXQ) Slide3-rail XXQ (3-rail XXQ) Slide


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